Black Pearl Spice Co. Founders
Black Pearl Spice Co.

This Is How Our Oyster Story Begins

A father and three sons sat on the engine box of a deadrise workboat moored at Gootee's Marina in Church Creek, Maryland. The boys were too small to wear shucking gloves, so dad shucked oysters one by one, and they disappeared faster than he worked. Blues music played, and salty air skated across the surface of the Chesapeake.

We have eaten oysters from the Bayou to the cliffs of Maine and the briny West Coast. No matter the location, it's always been a family thing, but we've taken in friends — new and old — along the way. The water, sun, wind, and seafood that come with them are all part of our life and have been since we first dug our toes into the sands of the Chesapeake Bay. Everywhere we went — and that's most of North America and choice European hideouts — only served oysters with two possibilities: cocktail and mignonette sauce everywhere you looked!

We knew that oysters deserved something better. It had to be fresh, dynamic, sweet, and spicy; something that nobody had thought possible. Oyster Salsa was born after hundreds of trials and failed attempts. Some were edible and some ... well, let's just say the local pizza joint was glad to have our business.

Black Pearl Spice Co. is a labor of love. Love of the Chesapeake Bay lifestyle. Love of working with and being near family. Love of building something that is exciting and new. We are shaking up the seafood industry because it needs it. We have a few new products up our sleeve and continue growing our brand outwards — never forgetting that our toes started in the sands of the Chesapeake.

Meet the Artist

Michael Rosato

When we created Black Pearl Spice Co., we knew that our artwork had to match the passion, creativity, and uniqueness of our products. So we turned to renowned artist Michael Rosato. The Chesapeake Oyster Salsa logo hit close to home for Rosato, and, taking inspiration from the scenes he wakes up to every morning on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, he painted our otter surrounded by life on the Bay.